The planned outing for the January visit to the Niagara Butterfly

Conservatory has been cancelled. A substitute outing has been planned. See below.



Because it was necessary to cancel our visit to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory we

decided instead to visit the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. For information about this

venue please visit their website at As usual those who

wish to offer a ride or share a ride will meet at Tim Hortons at Geneva St and the QEW. We should leave there about 8:30am and hope to arrive at the butterfly conservatory about 10:00am. It looks like an interesting site as it not only displays butterflies and plants but also birds and insects. Hope to see you there.


February Outings

The New Sizing format


The new projector has been purchased and the new sizing format is now 1400 X1050 from the previous sizing of 1024 x 768.  For best projection please ensure your images are the new sizing of 1400 x 1050.  See Tutorial


Advancement levels for Diamond and Masters


There is an obvious interest in having the club function well, making sure the process is fair and yet presenting a challenge to 'reach' in our photography.  To that end, the executive has suggested changes relating to requirements for advancement in levels from Bronze to Master. There were also changes made to encourage photographers to vary the categories in which images are submitted.  Special Assignments were removed and a fourth Category was added to Clinics which offers the opportunity and challenge to sharpen skills in specific assigned themes and advance through the levels faster.


New Level Advancement requirements were presented to the membership at the AGM.  It was requested that the Executive review and approve advancement requirements for Diamond; whether the advancement requirements should be 30 ribbons @ 25 points instead of the 26 points that was proposed.  Advancement requirements for Master also need to be reviewed, (eg, 27 points for advancement at all Master levels).  Executive approved Diamond advancement requirements at 30 ribbons at 26 points, Master requirements 15 ribbons at 26 points for each Master level 1 through 4.  The executive wants to encourage Master shooters to continue to enter.


               Bronze: 25 ribbons @ 20 pts


               Silver: 30 ribbons @ 22 pts


               Gold: 30 ribbons @ 24 pts


               Diamond: 30 ribbons @ 26 pts


               Master: 15 ribbons @ 26 pts for each level 1 – 4






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